home-pic-smallHow large are the flags?

Top width: 20cm
Length:     30cm
Gap between each flag: 12cm

How many flags to the metre?

3 flags in each metre.
30 flags in every 10 metre length.

Is the bunting double-sided?

Yes. This means the edges are neat and precise and the bunting hangs well. Because it is double-sided, the bunting will look just as good whether you want to hang it against a surface, or across an area such as a marquee.

What type of tape is used?

I do not use bought tape, but make my own from cotton or cotton mix fabric.This ensures the bunting not only looks good, but is strong and durable. The colours are chosen to complement each specific type of bunting.

How do I calculate how much bunting I will need?

Measure the perimeter of the area you want to decorate then add 25% to 50% to allow for the bunting to drape.
If you want the bunting to drape across an area (for instance across a room) you can measure the distance by draping string where you want the bunting to be hung and then measure the string.

How do I hang the bunting?

The bunting will be sent with basic instructions explaining how to hang it, as well as simple safety and care instructions.
Each 10m length has end ties which allow for the lengths to be tied or pinned together.
The bunting can be hung from one point to another or tied at points along its length. Safety pins, pegs, plastic coated metal ties, thumbtacks or even masking tape can be used – anything that will not mark or damage the bunting.